Re: Limited connectivity for my Internet connection –Sleep mode.

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Actually my Internet connection works great… at least for as long as I boot my computer fresh. For as long as I’m doing that I have no problems. No disconnections, no freezes, nothing. Zero problems. But, my Internet connection gives me a warning saying that I have “Limited connectivity” whenever I wake up the computer from the sleep mode. After that, I have no Internet access. Besides that, the sleep mode seems to be working just fine.

The only way I can revive my Internet connection is to use the “repair feature” or to reboot the computer afresh.

I tried making the NIC adapter not to be powered off on sleep mode and, at the same time, leaving IPv4 as the only protocol available for my connection. But this hasn’t worked either, whenever I returned to my computer and I woke up my computer the connection was limited (inoperable) again.

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I see similar posts frequently. Jack explains a remedy. I however see little to no advantage to using the sleep function. I just shut the computer down or leave it on....