need helping with Openvpn server running on vista box

I have openvpn server installed on a vista box. I have my certs and the
configuration setup as in I can ping in both directions the client and
server. the server is and the client is using
from the client( I can the ping and 10.1 is the server at the distant end. I fired up
wireshark on both the client and the server. I can see the ping packets
leave the client and make it to the server however the server is not
passing the packets to the servers default gateway. However it would
apear that I have DNS through the tunnel. With the VPN turned on when I
do a ping and it resolves the ip address. Below is my route from the
server. Detailed instructions would be a plus so I can add them to my
notes. below is a pastebin link to my route on the server thanks

'pastebin - collaborative debugging tool'