RE: Printer Sharing between xp and Vista

None of this has worked for me.

I have an XP home Compaq; HP 5MP LaserJet printer; a new HP Laptop with
Vista home premium 32bit.

I tried all of this. When I try to add a port I get "The network path cannot
be found"

I do already have a Lexmark x7675 wireless printer setup that works
wirelessly from both computers.

This sucks!

Please help

"Sarah" wrote:

Hi Gay. I had this problem myself and nearly went nuts trying to resolve it.
To install this printer, open the control panel, go to the printers folder,
click add new printer, click add a local printer, click create new port,
leave it at local port, in the enter port name box, type the path to your
printer. (for instance, mine is \\your-9k1ay6x2a2\Printer2) then click ok
and you will have it.

"Gay Lynne Kegan" wrote:

I have a few printers connected to my xp machine. I can see the printer on
my Vista computer but when I go to install it I get an access denied
message. What do I do so I can use my printers?

Gay Lynne


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