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Thanks for the Reply, I was wondering if you happen to know if Windows 7
also has the 10 concurrent connection limitation? I found this link
which would seem to indicate it does 'Windows 7 tcpip.sys Auto Patcher
to Remove TCP/IP Connection Limit' (

GTS;1525785 Wrote:
If there are no security concerns I see no reason not to go with the
workgroup configuration. In all likelihood some, if not most, of the
would have versions of Windows that could not log into a domain anyway.
believe the phpBB should be feasible.

Note I would be concerned about possible (probably) infections on some
laptops and would be very careful to keep the server as secure as

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Alright so I've got an interesting problem, I'm stationed on a
and for the past year I've been using it as a file server for
series and music for the other guys on the boat that bring laptops.
Usually we connect via wireless but some also are wired for the
transfer. This box is running Vista Ultimate at the moment and so
I've been using just Workgroups, however it seems my next patrol I'll
having much more than the usual 8 connected or so at a time, in which
case I'll encounter the 10 connection limitation. I'm planning on
installing Server 2008 (or 2003) to eliminate this problem and
continuning using a workgroup as I don't see the need to set up a
domain. Becuase I'm on a submarine security for my little network is
irrelevant (no connections off-hull) and everyone on board I know.
in this situation would there be any reason not to run a workgroup
I might have 30+ laptops connecting to my computer? Also I'm
on using IIS to start phpBB and have a forum of sorts running that
everyone on the workgroup can access, would this also be feasible?
Thanks for the help.

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