Re: Loss of network after sleep mode.

Please check updates for your wireless driver it may help.But When power
save mode is enabled for an 802.11 wireless network adapter,The access
point receiving frames with the power save option set determines that
the client adapter wishes to enter power save mode, and begins buffering
packets for the client adapter while it is asleep. The client adapter?s
radio periodically wakes up and communicates with the access point to
retrieve the buffered packets.However, this power savings scheme for
802.11 wireless adapters depends on cooperation of the access
point.Issue is that many access points do not implement or support the
power save feature correctly. Some broken access points keep sending
the packets to the client?even when the client adapter?s radio is
asleep. The packets sent to the client radio while it is asleep are
lost, which leads to the connectivity, performance and throughput issues
that some Windows Vista beta users were encountering.

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