Re: XP cant access Vista Drives???

CapriTech;203099 Wrote:
Okay I got this to work for me. Please try this!
I'm using the same Network Center Settings as I said above.

1) Right-Click on ya folder and select Properties.
2) Click the Sharing Tab
3) Click Advanced Sharing Button (Cos the Share button is greyed out)
4) Click Permissions Button
5) Click Add Button
6) Add "EVERYONE" with Full Control
7) Click OK twice
8) Click Security Tab
9) Click Edit Button
10) Add "EVERYONE" with Full Control
11) Click OK twice

Summary: Make sure both Everyone is listed in Sharing Permissions List
and Security Permissions List.

Anyway that seems to have worked for me.
Post a reply and let me know.

And this is all with PASSWORD PROTECTED FILE SHARING disabled which
Microsoft says is the same as SIMPLE FILE SHARING used in Windows XP.

I'm gonna try this when I finish cloning my machines


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