Re: share printer help needed

dick wrote:

Not too sensitive at 69 years <G>. But did follow your instructions as I
understood true names and found xp with Administrator, All Users, Default
User and Owner while Vista had Public and Vista choices.. So I decided to
do <It is common for users to rename the generic user account they
started out
with (i.e., rename Computer Administrator to Dick) instead of creating a
new user account as they should.> I guess I thought this was an option not
realizing you told me renaming an account didn't work in some previous

Anyway, being retired with only time and pride available, the $100+ to
come out seems expensive.

I guess my last querry:
Any feelings on letting it be done remotely (considerably cheaper

Sorry, I don't do remote work for people I help in newsgroups.

Look, this is very simple:

1. Any user accounts that you *renamed* (from Computer Administrator to Dick
for example), NAME THEM BACK TO THE ORIGINAL. Do this from Control
Panel>User Accounts on both comptuers.

2. Now look at the *true* user account names:

XP: C:\Documents and Settings - WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU SEE (exclude All Users
and Default User).

Vista: C:\Users - WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU SEE (exclude Public and Default User
if visible).

3. Go to each computer and from Control Panel>User Accounts create new users
with the names to match on each machine where you need them. Assign a
simple password to each user account*. It can be "1234" or "Dick" or
"password". But just do it. When you are finished, both machines should
have identical user accounts/passwords. You can use different passwords but
since security doesn't matter in your case you don't have to. Make this

*Leave Guest disabled on both computers.

Example of both computers when you have finished (obviously use the user
account names you really have):

XP box: Computer Administrator - password 1234
Owner - password 1234
Vista Owner - password 1234

Vista box: Computer Administrator - password 1234
Owner - password 1234
Vista Owner - password 1234

4. Now go to the XP box. If it is XP Pro or XP Media Center, go to Control
Panel>Folder Options>View tab and *uncheck* the option to use Simple File

4a. You need to set your firewalls ON BOTH COMPUTERS to allow file/printer
sharing. If Norton is the firewall, set this in Norton. If Windows Firewall
is the firewall, put a checkmark in File and Printer Sharing in the Windows
Firewall Exceptions tab.

4b. On the Vista box in the Network and Sharing Center:

Network Discovery: ON
File Sharing: ON
Public Folder Sharing: ON
Printer Sharing: ON
Password Protected Sharing: ON
Media Sharing: Off

5. On the XP box, go to Control Panel>Printers and see your printer listed.
Right-click on it and Share the printer.

6. On the Vista box, you need to have Vista drivers for that printer. If
there are no Vista drivers on the CD that you got with the printer (because
it's older) or you have lost the disc, go to the printer mftr.'s website
and download Vista drivers - ON THE VISTA BOX - for that specific model

Now install the Vista drivers on the Vista computer and during the
installation process the shared printer on the XP box should be found.

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