Re: share printer help needed

Not too sensitive at 69 years <G>. But did follow your instructions as I understood true names and found xp with Administrator, All Users, Default User and Owner while Vista had Public and Vista choices.. So I decided to do <It is common for users to rename the generic user account they started out
with (i.e., rename Computer Administrator to Dick) instead of creating a
new user account as they should.> I guess I thought this was an option not realizing you told me renaming an account didn't work in some previous email.

Anyway, being retired with only time and pride available, the $100+ to come out seems expensive.

I guess my last querry:
Any feelings on letting it be done remotely (considerably cheaper supposedly)??

Thanks, Dick

"Malke" <malke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:ey6VJfY%23JHA.2824@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
dick wrote:

I changed both computers "Administrator" to "Dick". Do I still need to add
xp and vista users to the other?? If so, exactly what do I type that makes
it different from the two "Dicks"??

Either you are not understanding me or I'm not understanding you, or a
combination of both.

I asked you to type what users you see in C:\Users on Vista and C:\Documents
and Settings on XP. You didn't do this.

What do you mean you "changed both computers [sic] Administrator to Dick"?
How? By just renaming the accounts in Control Panel>User Accounts? I
already told you simply renaming an account doesn't work.

I'm truly not saying this to hurt your feelings but I think from a
practical, more efficient standpoint you would really be better served to
have a competent local computer tech come on-site and set you up (not from
a BigComputerStore/GeekSquad type of place). Setting up file/printer
sharing between two computers takes approximately 5 minutes (not counting
installing printer drivers) and someone who can have hands-on the machine
is going to get you going very quickly. When you watch him/her, the
concepts will become immediately apparent.

I'm sorry that I haven't been able to help you.

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