Re: network discovery keeps turning off

::I believe I have found a solution (worked for me). ::
::Environment (Vista 64bit SP2, VmWare Server 2.x)::
::The problem is VMware creates two additional subnets for the NAT and
Team (DHCP) options whether you use them or not. These are different
from your computer?s main network (which the Bridged option also uses).
Every time you reboot, Vista detects these additional subnets and moves
your computer out of the ?Network? group and into the ?Unidentified
network? and disables network discovery. You can see this on the
[Control Panel \ Network and Internet \ Network and Sharing Center].::
::The solution is to make the ?Unidentified network? a Public network.
In the Network and Sharing Center to the right of the ?Unidentified
network? there?s a link that says ?Customize?. Click it and then choose
?Public?, ?Next?, ?Close?. That?s it. When you reboot, you will find
your network discovery stays on. You can try to make the ?Unidentified
network? a Private network, but for some reason it doesn?t stick and
after a reboot you will find it back on ?Public?. No matter, the network
discovery still stays on.::
::This fix may work for others who don?t have VMware but have some
other software or perhaps a second Ethernet card set up to another
subnet resulting in the same ?Unidentified network? situation.::

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