Re: Sharing printer on XP machine w/Vista machine

Old man trying to move into 21st century needs some help. Not proud to say I recently got my new laptop with Vista, old desktop with XP and new wireless router providing access to the Internet after only 6 hours<G>.

Anyway now I'm not sure how to ask for specific help buut would like:1) to use old printer
from laptop, 2) access email folders and 3) share files.

I setup a temporary computer to computer network in the Vista laptop but got lost trying to do similar to old XP computer. Maybe a little detail on accessing the printer will help me learn what I'm doing...

Thanks, Dick

"SlewpJB" <SlewpJB.3tdr3c@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:SlewpJB.3tdr3c@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Many thanks to Marst194 and a heads up to fellow microsoft printer
victims: This fix really works, first time I have been able to access my
printer! Like the man says, just try it! (For average folk, you may also
need to know that you can find your IP address by typing ipconfig in the
Command Prompt window, and the name of the printer is NOT the share name
you gave it in the XP share dialogue, it is the simple machine name
(e.g. HP LaserJet 4). Thanks again!

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