Wireless Connection just stopped working

Ok, my wireless connection isn't working.

Yesterday my internet connection was working, but now it's not. I
switched usb wireless yesterday, and it worked for the day until last
Now I only get the connection to the router and it says "unidentified
when I type ipconfig in the console it says my ip is 169.XXX.XXX.XXX
when it's usually 192.168.1.XXX and my subnet mask is when
it should be

When i enter my ip settings in manually i can only access my router and
nothing on the internet even though it says the connection is working in
the network sharing center

I checked online for possible solutions, I tried using a restore point
and that didn't work. I checked my DHCP client and its already on. I
tried disabling ipv6 and that didn't work.

Also, I usually turn autoconfic off, because it gives me ping spikes
when gaming.

This is only on my computer, my Mum's and sister's connections work

What can I do?