Re: Printer sharing between xp sp2 and vista home prem.

THANK YOU, Hikari07. I had spent hours trying to figure out why the
drivers didn't install on Vista for my network printers. I have a Xerox
XD100 laser and a HP Photosmart 7350 installed on an XP2 PC. Someone
gave my wife a Vista laptop (yuk, I'd never have chosen Vista myself).
So I needed to install the printers as network printers under Vista.
After clicking to install a new network printer, when I clicked to
accept to install the driver, the whole screen simply dimmed, waited 1-2
minutes and then returned to the printer config without a message; no
printer installed. I was tearing my hair out in desperation. I did as
you said: Went to config - Network and File Sharing Center. Enabled
password protection. Installed the printers without a hint. Test printed
ok. Re-disabled password protection. Re-test-printed ok. Of course,
Microbrain's documentation was as useless as nearly always. Why such a
brain damaged design in Vista? The Mac commercials are 100% right.

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