Re: Unreliable Connection

It could be under performing, unstable Wireless Card.
I would try to install this.
Driver/Utility for Windows 98SE/Me/2K/XP/XP 64/Vista/Vista 64
PCI cards usually do better in a Desktop environment.
Jack (MS, MVP-Networking)

"Endulini" <Endulini@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:66D8FE1A-A5C0-4DF7-A00F-53D9444AB1F2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi All,

My PC has difficulties consistently detecting my wireless network, sometimes it's there and then sometimes it just disappears for a few days. It's picking up all the surrounding networks ok so it doesn't seem to be an inherent hardware fault and equally it doesn't seem to be the router as my laptop gets the network ok (even when it's next to the PC, so it wouldn't seem to be interference either). As it's an external USB adapter (Belkin) set-up on the PC, I've tried reinstalling the adapter and drivers etc but that is no guarantee of success either.

I'm getting a bit fed up, anyone have any suggestions about what the issue might be?