Re: VPN from home router?

I'm not needing to connect to my home PC. When I use my laptop to connect to the Internet at an Open Wi-Fi hotspot I'd like to be able to use a VPN. If I can connect securely to my router/LAN then I would have access to the NET via my home ISP. I guess the router would be acting as a server. Do they make such a thing?

If you are ALREADY connected to the internet why on EARTH would you then want to VPN to your Router to err connect to the Internet?
If it's because you can't send emails from outside your ISP just change the smtp server settings....
Because connecting via Open Wi-Fi is insecure.

Insecure for what? If you have proper security on your laptop and don't run as admin and have a good password and don't have any shared folders I can't see a problem...
What do you mean by proper security on a laptop? I understand the value of strong passwords and Limited User Accounts, but what does that have to do with transmitting data over open Wi-Fi?