Re: Application Data Folder Network Redirection Problems

I know that MS doesnt support the use of Outlook pst's over a Lan/Network,
but not sure about other Outlook settings files

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Office 2007 application data folders (including templates, Outlook
signatures, etc.), are redirected to the user's network share by GPO
settings. This is *not* using Folder Redirection, but by setting User
Folders registry keys. Same as our previous XP. Looks like I could of
the Folder Redirection GPO options for better control. But can't look

"Randomly", users will get an an error with an office app that will not
load. They wil have to logout/login to use the app. Event logs show an
error 1000 under ntdll.dll.

One user also showed a problem accessing a known file on the group network
share, so I thought about connectivity. By putting a host file on the
client, I have reduced the number of the 1000 errors considerably, but
an issue. I'm assuming there are occasional problems connecting to the
server where Word, Outlook try to load their normal.dat and other files
the host file helped with resolving.

Any suggestions besides 'starting over' and not redirecting to network
be appreciated.