Re: Microsoft ISATAP adapter

GunnerAsh wrote:

Hey everyone. This is my first post, as i have had to join the forum to
get desperate help for this very annoying problem.

I can no longer connect to my Internet browser or my wireless hub
through my Sony Vaio's WiFi. I had a yellow exclamation mark appear over
my internet icon in the bottom right of my screen a couple days ago and
have since not been able to get online wirelessly. It says i have
"Limited Connectivity" yet i have full signal.

I have a strong hunch that since my computer installed a mandatory
Windows Update, the next time i came on my computer after this update,
this problem occured. I have looked in my devices and everything says
its got the most up to date driver Windows can find, but i still have
this problem, and the yellow exclamation mark and no wireless access

It sounds like you installed a driver for your wireless network adapter from
Windows Update (always a bad idea). Try rolling it back to drivers that
work or, if that doesn't solve the issue, uninstall/reinstall the wireless
adapter drivers. Get them from Sony's tech support website for your
specific model laptop.

Roll Back Troublesome Device Drivers in Windows Vista from the How-To Geek -

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