Re: general question re resetting/renewing IP connection

Dave Horne wrote:
My modem and router work just fine. There are times during the day (when kids come home from school and parents come home from work) that I can not _sometimes_ access the internet. This is just a question of too many folks being online at the same time. If I manually unplug the router and modem, more often than not I can suceed in getting back online. I'm only asking if there's a way .... (ipconfig .... ?) to do the same but using software to obtain a new address. That's all.

Around 12 noon, when the kids come home for lunch, I can expect not to be able to always get online and early in the evening when all the Dads comes home from work, I can expect to have the same problem. I have the modem next to my monitor and I can see the number of LEDs on or off (Power, Receive, Send, Online, PC Activity, Standby). When I can't get online, instead of seeing five LEDs, I'll see one or two or three; I can see the modem trying to get back online and it's usually the time when the kids come home for lunch or the parents come home from work.

My modem and router are working just fine - I jusr want to know if using, say, ipconfig at a cmd prompt and using the resetting switch is what I can also do (instead of manually unplugging the electric cable from both the modem and router. Is this more clear? Thanks!

Dave Horne

Dave, you say you and not always expect to get online, maybe I am being obtuse here but unless I go offline my cable provider never kicks me off (Except in fault conditions of course). I would assume DSL should work the same way.

If you leave voluntarily and can't get back then your ISP has a capacity problem, if you get kicked off then they may also have a capacity problem but there may be some other trouble they should know about.

Another issue given that timing is involved could be local electricity supply. DSL can be sensitive to line noise caused by industrial loads, so if you are getting kicked off at fairly regular times could there be a connection there> If so a UPS for the whole setup might help. Around here I always use a UPS because the power is so dirty all kinds of things happen.