Re: Is there a way to "reset" all sharing?

rak wrote:

One of my friends has a media sharing problem with an XP Home (sp3) MCE
2005, WMP 11 desktop. I've tried to help him by setting up consistent
accounts (passworded) but it doesn't seem to solve the problem. In a
nutshell, his network shows his desktop as both a computer and a media
device and it seems he has more shares than I think is wise -- he has
disks, folders, files, all marked as share with full control permissions
everyone. He also has tried to solve his problem by consolidating media,
but put it all in the "all users" tree instead of with a single user. In
short, I'm not sure what he has shared and where he has it.

As a result his music and pix seem to share on the network ok, but he gets
duplicate entries in wmp and conflicts when trying to stream video on his
network. Maybe this last problem is because of multiple shared videos
with the same name maybe in multiple locations (or as multiple users)?

So here are my two questions. First, is there an easy way I can help him
turn off all sharing and start over? And second, does it matter that his
desktop shows up as a media device AND as a computer? If so, how can he
fix that problem?

I'm a bit confused because there is no such thing as an XP Home MCE 2005
operating system. Unless you mean your friend has an XP Home machine and an
XP Media Center Edition machine, and they are networked with a Vista
machine (since you are posting in a Vista newsgroup).

In any case, have your friend go to the Windows Firewall applet in Control
Panel and uncheck "File and Printer Sharing". Reboot.

I don't have an answer for your last question. There is a dedicated
newsgroup for XP Media Center and if you don't get an answer here you might
try there.


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