Re: Group Policy to Enable Remote Access to Admin Shares

"Mark Olbert" <ChairmanMAO@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Some time ago -- back when WinXP SP2 came out -- I had to
reconfigure the machines on my LAN to allow for remote access to
admin shares. By "remote" I mean "from a different computer in the
same subnet", not from the wilds of the internet :).

I did this by enabling or disabling something in group policy. But
I've lost my notes, and I don't remember how to do it
anymore...which is a problem because I just added a new machine to
the network.

Does anyone know what the policy tweak is to enable access to admin
shares from another computer? BTW, these machines are all part
of a domain, in case that makes a difference on where I do the

I never did it through group policies, but the registry setting is:

Add DWORD Value LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy set to 1

Hope this helps.


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