Re: Unable to network 2 Vista machines using machine names

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Could someone explain to me how to network two Vista machines using
their respective machine names? I'm only able to access shared folders
using IP addresses.

- The two machines are a laptop running Vista Business x64 and a
desktop running Vista Home Premium x64.
- Both machines have File Sharing, Network Discovery, and Password
Protected Sharing turned on.
- They are on the same workgroup (no domain).
- I am able to see the machines in Network Explorer, but if I
double-click on them, all I see is the printer (not the shared folders)
or I get an error message telling me the machine is inaccessible.
- Both machines have been assigned a static IP address by the router.

The two machines ping each other successfully and they are also able to
access one another using IP addresses... I would just like to understand
why I can't use the machine name.

I read something about enabling NetBIOS or modifying LMHOSTS or HOSTS,
but I wasn't sure if any of those suggestions was the appropriate
solution. I also heard doing some of these things might slow down other
programs... not sure to what extent that's true or not.

Here are the Properties under TCP/IPv4:
-Obtain an IP address automatically
-Obtain DNS server address automatically
-DHCP Enabled
-no Default Gateways are specified (should they be?)
-Automatic metric is checked
-no DNS server addresses are specified
-no WINS addresses are specified
-Enable LMHOSTS lookup is unchecked
-NetBIOS setting is set to Default

Not sure if this is relevant, but DNS relaying is turned on on my
D-Link DI-624 router.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Are you using DNS servers provided by OpenDNS? When I tried it,
OpenDNS made file and printer sharing stop working.

Change the NetBIOS setting to "Enable". "Default" doesn't always work

There should be no need for LMHOSTS or HOSTS.

NetBIOS, LMHOSTS, and HOSTS won't slow down other programs.

With DHCP enabled, you don't specify Default Gateways.
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