RE: I've fixed the internet connection problem


I am having a similar problem, but might have a few insights that the others
don't...I am running windows vista home premium 64bit, wireless router dlink
di-###?. I am having the dropping internet connection as with the others.
To get it back I have to disable my wireless adapter and re-enable it and
reconnect to the wireless with others this isn't with every
wireless network just my home...The strange thing is I can still ping
domains...not internal ip's, but can ping actual domains like shows that the connection is fine, and I can ping out,
but am unable to get any activity on any browser...IE or Firefox

Things that I have tried...
Disable All Firewalls
Disable DHCP and use a static IP
Update Firmware on Wireless Router

I never reply to these things, but would really love to find a solution...


"Gabe Frost [MSFT]" wrote:

Thanks for the offer Bob.
How about it folks? Any takers? Can anyone reproduce this problem? I'd love
to work with you to isolate the issue. I would love to have some of the
questions I asked in my previous response answered. As I mentioned, I can't
immagine how the QoS Packet Scheduler (pacer.sys) is actually causing a
problem here. I'm also very surprised to hear that disabling it did something
useful for you.


"Bob H" wrote:

Gabe, I would be happy to add my two cents too if it would help. I think I
covered what I am using in the post "dropping internet connection" 5/3/2007
pst. I used Steve's suggestions and while it has not fixed my problem 100%, I
went from 20+ disconnects a day to 3 or 4, which I can live with. Would love
to go to 0 a day if you can figure it out.
Bob H

"Gabe Frost [MSFT]" wrote:

Thanks for the feedback Steve. I appreciate your commitment to helping find
the root cause of the problem. We have a number of built-in tracing solutions
which can help isolate the problem. I am willing to work with you to get us
the necessary information to identify whether this issue is known and if a
fix will be ready for a service pack release, or if this is a new issue. I
hear your frustration, especially since I do a lot of traveling myself. If
you're committed to a resolution, let's work together on reproducing the
problem and capturing the necessary logs/tracing.

First, some questions:
1) Is this on a wired or wireless network (or both). If wireless, are you
associating with the BSSID successfully, or is network association
2) After connecting to the network (after IP address is received), when
prompted, are you identifying the network as 'Public', 'Home', or 'Work'
3) Being you mentioned a hotel, do you have to open a web browser to gain
connectivity, i.e. is this a "captive portal" type of solution where you must
acknowledge terms and/or pay before Internet access is granted?
4) Is this "captive portal" through the browser what takes a long time?

The more details you can provide me, the better I'll be able to help.

-- Gabe [MSFT]

"Steveb" wrote:

Hello Gabe, I unchecked that Qos Packet Scheduler because I didn't know what
it was nor did I think I needed it. The trouble I and I'm sure others have
and have had with Vista is a dropped internet connection every 5 minutes or
so. I believe it's a communication thing between the OS and the ISP. I'm not
sure what is happening. I travel alot, and in some hotels I have no trouble
at all, in some I get (got) the dropped connection every five minutes or so,
with it trying to reconnect and taking 3-4 minutes to identify the ISP and
then the internet, or things like not being able to access HTTPS sites.
There's definitely a bug in Vista concerning this, and I'm disappointed MS
didn't find or work this out beforehand. I wish I wasn't using Vista as it's
a recurring problem, although I've worked around it best I could. Good luck.

"Gabe Frost [MSFT]" wrote:

Hello. I manage the QoS team in core Windows networking and would like to
better understand your scenairo. Specifically, the QoS Packet Scheduler
should have nothing to do with this, as it will only ever be in the data path
when a QoS flow exists. The only way a QoS flow would exist is if you're
using an application which calls specific QoS APIs. Can you please describe
the complete end-to-end scenario? What applications are you using? When you
say "connection reset" what exactly does that mean? How do you realize that
it's been reset (what do you see, or what steps do you take to come to this
conclusion)? I'd love to work with folks who are experiencing this issue to
figure out if there is a bug somewhere in the stack.

Gabe Frost [MSFT]

"Steveb" wrote:

Well, I'm glad it worked for you too. It so much nicer to just surf along and
not be bothered with the dropped connection every 5-10 minutes, then wait for
it to connect again, which took my machine 1-3 minutes everytime. I dealt
with it for about 2 months also before I found the fix. Darn, I was just in
San Antonio on my way back to Denver from Rockport Texas. I could have used
that dinner! Oh well next time. Take care.

"Bob H" wrote:

Sure enough worked like a charm. I've been fighting that for over 2 months
restarting 15-20 times a day to reconnect.
Steve if you are ever in San Antonio, Texas Let me know. I owe you a dinner.
Bob H

"Bob H" wrote:

Thanks Steve. I spent 2 hours looking around but missed your post and just
put up one myself. Then saw yours and have given it a try. Will let you know.
Sure know how you felt.
Bob H

"Steveb" wrote:

If you've been experiencing internet dropping, hanging, ect. on Vista, you're
not alone. I was ready to throw the thing in the trash. I finally fixed it by
going to the Network and Sharing center, click the View Status on the
connection, click Properties and then uncheck the QoS Packet Scheduler, the
Internet Protocol Version 6, and both Link Layer Topology choices. Then click
OK, restart and enjoy your surfing! Hope this helps. Let me know.

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