Re: Help! Broadband connection problem !

Assuming that you are talking about the wire connection (Not Wireless logon) you probably do not need to PPPOE creation wizard and put the Id and password since your Fiber connection device looks like a Combo fiber bridge, Wireless Router. These type of devices do the PPPOE authentication at the WAN port for whole the Network.
Contact your ISP to make sure about adding a computer to this device.
Jack (MS, MVP-Networking)

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It is Iskratel Prospero 632 (its not a telephone line but fibreoptic). I
tried powering it down and up again, no effect. (As I thought, because
it worked fine a month ago with this laptop and vista)

Jack-MVP;1047520 Wrote:
What exactly is the device (name and model) that is between your laptop
the telephone line with the DSL signal?
Jack (MS, MVP-Networking)

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> > I have a sony vaio vgn fw21m laptop with vista home premium 32.
> > Each time i try to create a new network connection (connect to the
> > internet - bradband(pppoe)- I enter the Username and Password) i
> get:
> > "The wizard cannot create the connection".
> >
> > I was searching the forums over and over and I cant find nothing
> > useful. There is no problem with my ISP (optical) (on an other
> laptop
> > runing winXP I can connect with no problems).
> >
> > The funny thing is that I was able to connect to this ISP with no
> > problems, but I lost the conection shortcut after a vista system
> restore
> > (there was a keyboard problem, no biggy).
> > I also can connect to another ISP (on another location) that does
> not
> > require a login/password I just have to eneble the right profile.
> > What I can deduct is, that it is probably a problem directly
> > connectet to vista network and sharing center.
> >
> >
> > p.s.
> > I alredy reinstaled the ethrnet driver and vaio smart network.
> >
> >
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