Re: Vista Home Premium Remote Desktop Question

Actually it is "Live Mesh." But you are right on the other counts. It is quite good.

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I'm not familar with "Live Mesh" but, to implement any remote access
solution through a router/firewall, you need to know how to configure
the router/firewall to forward specific port traffic to the internal
machine you want to control. You also need to know the external or
"Public" IP address of your Internet modem. Some ISP's provide
relatively stabile addresses, where others reassign the Public IP
periodically. I use Comcast and they haven't changed my Public IP for
about 5 years now.

Since Vista Home products don't have the built-in Remote Desktop
Server you need to use third party solutions like Live Mesh.

Why not read the specifics for Live Mesh to see if they provide simple
instructions for passing their port requests through a router/

It's actually just "Mesh" and it's part of the range of "Live" products from Microsoft - just saying that because you might want to take a look - it's quite good for this sort of thing actually.