Re: Do not want to Network, just want internet connection.

In order to use three computers sharing one Internet connection they have to be connected to the same Router, then by default they are on the same network, there is No way around it. If sharing files is not needed the sharing on the computers can be set to off, but the computers are still on the same network.
I do not know if the sharing creates the problem, or there is DHCP assignments that do not work well.
Your wireless Router has to be configured like this - Using a Wireless Router as a switch with an Access Point -
All the IP assignments need to be done by the Modem/Router, make sure that its DHCL server can give at least four IPs.
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I have three computers. one on the main floor (my wifes Vista) and two
in the basement office (one win xp and one Linux).

We have a wireless router modem (from our internet service provider)
and have my wifes computer connected to the modem. I ran CAt 6 cable
from the modem to the basement where I have another wireless router. I
configured the router to work by disableing UPNP and DNS (basically like
a ethernet switch) Everything was fine.

Curious to see what windows 7 was like, I installed it on one my pc
(the linux one). That was a big mistake. It tried to creat a network and
see my wifes vista. Now my wifes Vista has lost the internet connection.

The only way the internet works on her vista, is if I unplug my
ethernet cable from the modem and restart her computer. As soon as I
plug my ethernet cable back in, it wants to connect to a network and she
looses the Internet connection.

I don't want these computers communicating in ANY WAY. I just want
internet in my office, and internet for my wife. I have recently
formatted Windows 7 off my pc and installed Ubuntu back on.

Is there a way to configure the wireless router modem NOT to connect to
a network? I just want it to provide internet for me and my wife, thats

Can I delete the network on the Vista and go back to how it was

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance



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