Re: unable to connect to the internet

Please check settings and see if there is a proxy server configured
- and if yes, remove it.

Please post the text output of ipconfig /all
has instructions

what firmware version is in the router?

On Wed, 6 May 2009 19:32:39 +0530, Jackal18
<Jackal18.3rrq7a@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

it's a scientific atlanta 2100 modem through comcast, and the router is
a netgear WGR614v8. I have reset both, even ran a direct line from the
modem to the PC, and everything says it should be working, but it's not.
I did a ping of yahoo, and I am connected to the net and DNS is
working, but IE tells me otherwise. I even uninstalled Norton, so I
don't believe there is a firewall blocking it. Is there a setting
within Vista that is stopping me from accessing the internet? it just
kills me because it worked fine before I moved and unplugged it for a

-ETA:- I also tried using the command prompt "netsh winsock reset
catalog" minus the quotes and then a reboot, but that did not work

Barb Bowman