Re: unable to connect to the internet

what brand cable modem and model? what router?
connect the router to the cable modem and power cycle them both.

On Wed, 6 May 2009 02:20:08 +0530, Jackal18
<Jackal18.3rqezd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am having similar issues with my compaq desktop that runs windows
vista. I moved last year and never hooked up the desktop until
yesterday and now the internet does not work, although it says it
should. Before I moved, everything worked fine, I used comcast for my
service then and now, same router (which I disconnected and run a direct
line from my modem with no luck) it recognizes the network, windows even
made an update (51 items, yikes!) but IE and other programs can not
connect. let me try and break it down a bit...

under network and sharing it shows "my pc" with a green line to
"network 3" and a green line to "internet"
next to Access it says Local and Internet
next to Connection it says Local Area Connection

I am not sure what other info you will need to help me. I am using my
laptop that has no problems connecting, so I know it's not the modem

thanks in advance!

Barb Bowman

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