Re: Networking Vista ultimate and XP home SP3


If you haven't already, please review this TechNet article. The Network
Setup Wizard isn't necessary to run on XP. You can configure the network

Eric Cross
Microsoft MVP (Windows Desktop Experience)

"peebs24" <peebs24@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I tried installing the LLTD onto my XP machine but got the message that it
was not going to load because the file on my machine was up to date and
therefore not nescessary. BUT, I still cannot get the network to work.
On the Vista machine I can see the XP machine but clicking on it gets the
message that it is inaccessible. The computer name is correct.On the XP
machine I see nothing except the local area connection icon. Both machines
are in the same workgroup. Some of the network must be working OK because
XP machine and Vista machine both access the internet using the network to
get to the Netgear router.
Setting up networking on the XP asks you to make a n/w disk for the other
machines but - It only allows your to use the Adisk (floppy) - who has
floppies or A drives anymore? Is this disc necessary?
There MUST be a way of doing this but two days later I have not found
Any advice GREATLY received.
Many thanks.