Re: Wireless connection continually lost

Phone HP support, or HP chat, maybe theres a known problem for which they
have a fix

"Jan :)" <me@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
No..I have not done any recent updates from HP. I finally have the
connection working again, after a weeks efforts, but, not sure how long it
may last this time. That is the crux, when I finally do get the
connection going again, if I turn the LT off for more than a few days it
loses the connection and then it is a bear to get reconnected. This time
around,once connected again it would see all the other PCs but one, and
the external drive. I worked with this and that and booted and rebooted
after each adjustment and finally got it to see the other PC and external
drive. I could see the LT from the other PC, and even access it, but, the
LT would not even see that PC. The wireless LT is the only machine that I
have the problem with, all the 3 other machines are wired and have no
problems with connections for networking.

I have tried to let it detect the IP address and such, and also set the IP
address and such, and it seems to make no difference. It retains the name
of the Network workgroup, but, drops the connection.

I dual boot with both XP Pro SP3 and Vista Sp1 on this LT, and both have
the same issue with the connection loss.

The two things that have worked most often is rebooting the Router, or
rebooting the cable modem. But, that does not always resolve the problem.
So, I'm not sure what is causing the loss of connection. If all the
settings are correct, and all the connections are set correctly, I am
totally confused as to why it keeps losing the connection after being shut
down for only a few days. I am fully patched, fully updated and all my
devices and drivers are up to date. I just don't know what else to do.

Jan :)

"DL" <notvalid@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Did this problem coincide with your updating anything from HP?
If when this occurs, does rebooting the router help?
You might need to phone/mail hp support, or view any FAQ's on hp for your

"Jan :)" <me@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi DL. :-) No...I only use the updates from the HP site. As long as
the laptop is running the connection is good, there is no loss of the
connection. And, if I turn it off and use it again within a few days,
the connection is still good. But, if I don't use it for a week or so
then the connection is lost and it takes forever to get the connection
back again. It shows the correct workgroup and my network name in the
Network area of the Control Panel, and the properties are all set
correctly. It just loses the connection if off more than a few days and
has a hard time getting connected with the Internet again. I have tried
using a static IP address and such, but, that does not seem to resolve
the problem. If I plug the LT into the router, hard wire it, then I can
set the wireless again. But, I don't understand why I have to do that?

I should not have to use hard wire, or even reset the wireless once it
is set. If it sees the correct wireless network and it is active and is
shows a full strong signal, why is it not connecting? The same thing
happens with XP, which I dual boot with. I have not changed anything on
the LT, or installed anything other than MS updates. Could one of these
perhaps have done something to alter my ability to connect?

Thank you for your time to help. It is very much appreciated?

Jan :)

"DL" <notvalid@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Did you upgrade the wireless driver or any other drivers from somewhere
other than HP?

"Jan :)" <me@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi all - Vista SP1, Ultimate X86

I have an HP z6000 laptop with a wireless connection to my home
network. I have a Netgear Wireless Firewall Router, Model - WGT624 v3.
I have two desktops that are hard wired to the Router. All settings
for the Wireless laptop are correct.

The problem is that when the laptop is not in use, which can be
several days at a time, the wireless connection is lost, and it is
almost impossible to restore the connection. I periodically backup the
laptop to my external hard drive over the network, backup specific
files from the one desktop to the laptop over the network, and need to
have access to files on the other desktop via the network. I also need
to work on the laptop in other areas of the house, so I need the
wireless capability.

This has been going on for several months, and is something that is
recent, having been using the laptop wireless with the same hardware
for more than 2 years. Once the connection is finally made, it does
ok, until the next time I have to shut it down for a few days, and
then the connection is lost again. It would not be so bad, but,
getting it to reconnect can take hours, if not days. I have it set to
automatically detect, so not sure what is not working now.

Any help or suggestions on what I might do to maintain the wireless
setting again would be very much appreciated.

Jan :)