Re: Not Even Networked - Single Computer

If you have both a PCI network Cad and an Onboard nVidia card you can disable the nVidia card in the Boot BIOS (read the computer manual).
If you leave the card On you have to install the nVidia Drivers for the card. Otherwise you would get error when performing Diagnosis.
Jack (MS, MVP-Networking)

"susa320" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:20111046bff24d96a8366bba181b01e8@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

:sarc: Vista just ran the Hardware Diagnostic Tool and returned error
that some of my hardware is not functioning properly.

TCP/IP Network Communication Test - NVIDIA nForce Networking
-Cable Test - Passed
-TCP/IP Network Communication Test - Cannot Run

I have networking disabled, this is a single computer. Shouldn't Vista
recognize that? Or is there a setting for NVIDIA somewhere. I have the
10/100/Mbps networking card installed but not using it.

I've received errors on performance from this before also. Is there a
way this should be set if I'm not on a network?

Thanks In Advance