RE: Cannot download any files

I've had the exact same problem, I also can't seem to watch any videos online
either. Have you figured this one out yet? I've been fiddling with security
levels as well and that hasn't seemed to solve the problem.

"CarpeDiem" wrote:

running vista home premium 64bit, ASUS P6T, intel I7 920

anytime i try and download something online it will not allow me to go
past 0% it just stays stuck there, sometimes this message pops up:

"Internet Exploerer was not able to open this Internet site. The
request site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again

i thought it might be one of my add ons likes sbybot search and
destroy, ad-aware, spyware blaster, or AVG 8.5, i deleted them all and
it still doesnt let me download

already tried 1. running with no addons 2. Internet options>Security
Tab> CUstom level> and checking that under Downloads was enabled.

anyone have any suggestions?