Cannot resolve host names over VPN

I have set up a VPN server on my desktop computer. The primary reason
for setting up this VPN is to be able to access my home network shares,
networked printers, VNC, as well as web pages not accessible to the
internet on my laptop while away from home. While testing out my VPN at
a friends house I found that I cannot access my network shares, etc by
their host name, but am able to access some things but only by using the
local IP address of the computer in my home network.

The setup:
VPN Server: Windows Vista Ultimate (x64 SP1)
VPN Client: Windows Vista Home Premium (x64 SP1)

I know I am lousy at explaining things if there is any more info needed
let me know. Please note that I'm not a network admin by trade so please
keep that in mind with any responses.

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