Re: limited access on router

As a first step disable the Wireless security in the Router and see if it is working without it.
In addition you should know that WEP is not considered anymore as safe.
If you can go with WPA.
Jack (MS, MVP-Networking)

"Raul" <jjkgr@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:11FBDE6A-6F39-4E48-8EB1-6670851E687A@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
i have a cable modem and router connected to cable modem. My wired and wireless XP machines work fine. Now I just got a Vista business machines and when I take it home and try to access my router and give it the correct WEP key it gives me "limited access"

I have service pack1 installed on Vista and it works fine wired, Any ideas?

Raul Rego


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