Re: Local access only

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Gerald@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says...
One of the computers on our network is regularly experiencing this. It will
work fine on internet and then just goes to local access only. If we restart
the machine it generally comes right for a while and then goes local again
after a while. The time to fail is never consistent and can vary from hours
to days. We connect with ADSL to internet through LAN. We have other Vista
machines running without any problems.
I have removed antivirus and firewall completely. I have updated bios and
loaded newest NIC drivers. I have tried DHCP and static IP addresses. I have
loaded SP1 as well. We have reloaded Vista Business but the same prob occurs.
Pc is an HP DX7400.

Can anyone assist?

Instead of rebooting, does disabling/enabling the network card restart
it? Have you checked and/or replaced the cabling? Have you tried moving
the computer to a different physical network connection or port on a

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