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'Sooner Al [MVP Wrote:
;3985033']That is the split tunnel issue. See this article for an
explanation and how
to enable the split tunnel on your PPTP VPN connection. By the way with
split tunnel disabled (ie. the default) all of your internet traffic
will go
through your home Vista PPTP VPN server. You may need to enable TCP/IP
forwarding however. See the second article for help with that.


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"wo0ozy" <wo0ozy.3g1qjc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Hello everyone,

The computer I am using, is on a university network, with connection
the internet; I want to have access to my home computer through a
So i have setted up a VPN server at my home runnig with windows
and I connect to it from the university network using my computer
is also running under windows vista.
The problem is that when I connect to the vpn the internet
with my university doesn't work anymore, althgough the vpn is.
Here is what I get under my network and sharing center:

Can't I have internet and VPN access at the same time?

Thanks for helping.


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Thanks a lot Sooner Al, it works flawlessly, I knew I was missing


PS: for those who are wondering what is the solution, here it is, from
microsoft support site.
To prevent the new default route from being created, select Internet
Protocol (TCP/IP) on the Networking tab for the properties of the VPN
connection. Click Properties, and then click Advanced. In Advanced
TCP/IP Settings, on the General tab, clear the Use default gateway on
remote network check box. This is shown in the following figure.

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