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since I got my new laptop with Vista and docking station I was plagued with
the problem that Vista insisted going wireless instead of wired.
This was really a nuisance since many services in my LAN are provided to
static IP's only (as I have on the wired I/F), while the wireless connection
uses DHCP.
I finally realized that the automatic metric assigned to the wired
connection was higher than that assigned to the wireless one (although the
speed of the latter is lower).
So, I disabled automatic metric *both* for the wired interface (as suggested
by Robert) *and* the router, and manually set them in such a way that the
total metric is now lower then for the wireless link.
First experiments show that now everything works as expected. Hope it will
stay so.
Many thanks to Robert for his post which pointed me to the correct solution.

Cheers, ab

"Robert L. (MS-MVP)" wrote:

It depends. Quoted from

Routing order

If you have two NICs in the same subnet on one w2k/xp computer, you wonder
which NIC is been used as primary NIC to access the Internet. In most cases,
when adding the second NIC on a w2k/xp computer, the first one is the
primary NIC. You may change the order by going to Advanced menu of the
Network Connection>Advanced Settings>Adapter and Bindings. If the settings
doesn't work (by default, the faster NIC will be chooses as primary NIC) or
if you want to override the settings, you can assign metric # manually by
going to the Properties of the Network Connection>the Properties of the
Network Connection>Advanced.

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"Hans-Georg Michna" <hans-georgNoEmailPlease@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On Thu, 27 Dec 2007 23:09:57 -0600, Robert L. (MS-MVP) wrote:

In many case, that should be OK. However, if you prefer the wired, you may
want to modify the gateway metric #. This post may help.

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isn't the metric already adjusted properly from the start? When
I plug in a laptop, the traffic automatically prefers the wire
over the wireless connection. I don't have to adjust anything,
and I don't have to disable the wireless connection.

Wireless can be a nuisance when it goes on and off and shows a
pop-up each time. That may be a reason to disable it or switch
it off, but for the function itself I haven't found that

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