Re: Vista HP cannot share printer on XP

You may need to try this.

1. On your network, look at the computer name for the computer you wish
to connect to (Host) and click in to it. You should be able to see the
name of the printer you wish to connect. You will need these 2 names for
step number 7/8.

2. Now click on the Printers icon in the control panel.

3. Right click on a blank portion of the screen, select add printer and
a menu will pop up.

4. Choose the add local printer option.

5. Now choose 'Create New Port'.

6. Click Next.

7. Another popup screen will open. This is where you need the computer
and printer name.

8. Enter the following into the box \\computername\printername

9. Click OK

10. It will now prompt you to pick your printer firmware. Select your

11. Click Next. It will now ask to either use the installed driver, or
replace the current driver. Pick what you wish.

12. Click Next. Type in a printer name. And either select, or unselect
the 'Set as Default Printer Option.

13. It will now install the printer.

14. You have now successfully added a printer. You can now test a print

*This information has been proven to work, as this is how I set up my
printer. This should be a fairly straight forward tutorial.

NOTE: The host computer must be ON to print, along with the computer
that is sending the document. Remember the printer also must be on to

Hope this works for you,



*Acer Extensa 5620 Notebook
*Windows Vista Home Premium x64
*15.4 WXGA (1280x800*320GB Hard Disk
*Intel Core 2 Duo 5750 @ 2.0 GHz
*ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400XT

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