Re: Cant get Network sharing to work

On Fri, 4 Jul 2008 08:25:00 -0700, David <David@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I have done EVERYTHING that your referenced article states. I have turned
on everything that should be on and off everything that should be off. I
have run the Network Wizard on each machine, a Vista Desktop and an XP Pro
laptop. Right now the XP laptop "sees" the Desktop but cannot access it.
Right now, the Vista Desktop cannot "see" the laptop. The laptop normally
connects wireless but I have it connected by cable, just for something
different. I can't both machines to see each other at the same time and
neither can access the other when it "sees" it. I'm about to go nuts!! I
have turned Windowa Firewalls on and off. I do have Symantec Corporate
Edition Anti Virus but I can't find any Firewall settings in it.
Can anyone please help me???


Look in the Symantec setup for an anti-worm protection, which may be labeled as
"network protection" or similar.

If that doesn't help, then lets diagnose the problem. Look at logs from
"browstat status", "ipconfig /all", "net config server", and "net config
workstation", from each computer. Read this article, and linked articles, and
follow instructions precisely (Download browstat, and run all Vista diagnostics
from a window started as an admin!):

Chuck, MS-MVP 2005-2008 [Windows - Desktop Experience]