Re: How many users can access a vista Pc?

james13009 wrote:

Currently we have XP home this allows 5 users to connect to it.

We need to upgrade to xp professional which allows up to 10 users to
conenct to a single pc.

But in vista its not so clear. We where thinking of using vista instead,
But im a little confused about how many users can connect to which

Ill start off and assume that Vista home only allows 5 connections,
but what about vista/premium/business?

Im looking for a system that allows up to 10 users

First of all, the limitation is not on *users* or *computers*. The
limitation is on *connections*. One computer can, and often does, make
multiple connections.

You should probably be looking at Small Business Server or, if you are only
using the pseudo-server as a file server (not running programs on it), you
could use one of the many Linux distros which are free and have no such

Refer to "Device Connections" in the License Terms for Microsoft Windows
Vista. For more information please see:

Inbound connections limit in XP -

5 - XP Home/Vista Home Basic
10 - Vista Home Premium/Vista Ultimate/XP Pro
49 - SBS 2000
74 - SBS 2003
Unlimited for full Server O/Ses

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