Re: Auto mapping not working in Vista

The group policy may not apply to the Vista computer. Check the group policy result. This how to may help.
How ot check what policy settings are in the effect
A. Use Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP) or gpresult. B. You can also get a report on policy from Help and Support Center by following these steps: ....

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"2sweet" <weilian15@xxxxxxx> wrote in message news:%23QX8sqG2IHA.4912@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
MS Vista Business Edt machine connected via my company wireless network does not have auto-map dirve in "My Comuter".

Using 'net use' command in .bat file to auto-map drive (the shared folder is not Windows 2003 svr std edt). I put the bat file in the AD group policy, startup, so when user login to the Domain. They should get the map drive in "My Computer" but it doesn't. When manually map, ok.

It works fine in machines running Windows XP Pro.