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For troubleshooting, try to disable auto tuning. If that doesn't work, test MTU size. These links may help
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"" <R@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:w-CdnXscReXknfjVnZ2dnUVZ_qninZ2d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have the same problem when copying from an XP Share on a workgroup.

I can't copy from an XP share to a Vista SP1 laptop ...actually two
different laptops. The limit seems to be 20 Meg for a wireless and
around 100 Meg for a wired connection, almost as if there is a 'time
out' on the copying time. The limit is reached whether it is one file
or many files. When the limit is reached, any files below the limit
will copy correctly. After the limit is reached, the 'Retry' window
will popup. If 'Retry' is pressed, it will copy another limit's worth
of files.

The source XP system is in a windows Workgroup, XP Professional SP2
with the LinkLayer update for Vista added. I took the same laptop to work

and it worked fine on a Domain PC with an XP share folder.

The destination system is a brand new Vista Home Premium with SP1
preinstalled. The network adapters were updated with the latest

When the firewalls and all AntiVirus are disabled, the problem still
The windows accounts and password match on both systems.
Sharing is turned on and Everyone has read permissions.

On both Vista, file sharing on or off makes no difference
Also, password protection on or off makes no difference.
The transfer quota is set to unlimited.
Windows firewalls are turned off.
The router is a D-Link DIR -655.
When attempting a wired copy, the wireless is disabled.

XP to XP copies work fine. And from Vista to XP works fine (opposite
direction), as does Vista to Vista. It only fails from XP to Vista.

Any help would be appreciated. Cross posted to
Also as a response to mzfl on 6/21.

I have an open incident with Microsoft, but so far, they have not been able
to resolve the situation.

I highly suspect the new file copy algorithm / permission validation in the
new SP1. SP1 was supposed to correct the file copy problems, but I don't
think it did for some OS installs.

Thanks in advance

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