Re: D Link DSL-G604T Vista wireless connection

Do you setup the security on wireless? What's the wireless ip address? Posting the result of ipconfig/all may help.

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Hi I just got a new DSL modem D-Link DSL-G604T laptop vista SP1 HP persario C700

the modem works great on the desktop but my problem is when I use wireless. I don't think I'm talking to the modem I have tried to open firefox type in and don't get anything open up as I do when I use cable connection on the desktop
I have got the two little computer symbles in the taskbar showing correct.
Network Connections show > wireless network connection , Unidentified network , Boardcom 802.11b/g WLAN
Signal Quality Excelant

I now nothing about networking yet but need to learn by the looks so please ask for any info you need and I will supply



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