Re: Multiple Linksys products and Vista

why not take the BEFSR41 out of the picture and use only the WRT54G?
using two routers like this is not standard topology.

On Thu, 26 Jun 2008 11:56:00 -0700, Walkman
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I have looked quite a bit but cannot find a situation that applies to my
situation, plus I am new to networking:

I have one PC running Vista, one laptop running XP Pro and one laptop
running Vista.

I have cable internet, that runs to a Linksys BFESR41 router, one hardwire
goes out to the PC. One hardwire goes out to the internet connection for a
Linksys WRT54G, which then provides the internet access for both laptops.

Linksys tech support helped me get internet to all three computers. They had
me do a MAC clone on the wired router and PC to get internet working on the
PC. Then they had me hook the wireless router to the wired router via the
wireless router internet "in" connection.

I want to network all three computers so that I can access files on each
computer, as well as share a printer that is connected to the PC.

As of now I have internet on all three computers, but they do not "find/see"
each other.

I would appreciate any assistance provided, again I am a little new so I
apologize in advance if I have not provided the necessary info, but I will
provide whatever is needed.

Barb Bowman