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The Vista VPN is peer to peer VPN and is not design as VPN server. Some one may suggest to enable Ip routing. But I haven't try it.

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OK ladies and gents,

I have a problem I was hoping someone would have the solution to.

The concept

We have two sites

Our first site has Windows Xp on its machines

Site two has Windows Vista on its machines

From Site Two we have set up a VPN so the users can Remote Access the
machines at Site One

This is working fine. I can connect to remote desktop from site two
over to site one.

The problem

At site two the machines are four laptops that are connected to each
other with a wireless connection.

These we will call Dos1, Dos2, Dos3 and Dos4

Dos4 has a USB printer connected to it.

All the machines can print locally to the printer connected on Dos4

What we need is to be able to print files that are at Site One to the
printer on Dos4 locally (At site 2)

When setting up a remote desktop connection there is a tab for Local
Resources - on this tab there is a tick box for "Printers" I have
ticked this.

But still when I try to send a print job to the printer on Dos4 it
still prints to the printer at Site one......

Can anyone shed some light on why this is happening and what can be
done to resolve the issue??