Re: Cannot see wireless network

I hope someone will read this, as the original post was entered more
than a year ago. I have a desktop with XP, a laptop with XP, and a
LinkSys Wireless-G router. I also have a brand new Compaq laptop w/
Vista Home Premium 64. The XP laptop connects wirelessly through the
router with no problem and has done so for more than a year.

I went through the steps to set up wireless connection using a USB, and
I cannot connect to my HOME wireless network. I spent four hours on this
last night, turning everything off and on again, rebooting, removing the
network from the Vista laptop and reinstalling, installing it manually,
calling HP and spending an hour w/ "Albert" who was absolutely useless
as he told me to repeat everything I had already done.

When I go to "Manage Wireless Networks," I can see my HOME network.
When I go to "Select a Network to Connect To," I get a couple of other
(unknown to me) networks, but NOT my HOME network. My HOME network is
not in the list of networks that I can connect to, but I can see it is
"out there" when I go to "Manage Wireless Networks."

I feel like this must be something very simple to fix, but I cannot
figure it out. If you can help me, I would appreciate it more than you
know. I don't have the time, skill or knowledge to deal with this
anymore. And it kills me to think that I may have to pay someone to do
this for me.


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