No internet access

First, let me give my setup as best I can.
PC Vista Home Premium - Norton Firewall.
laptop - XP
smart phone (actually, Windows Mobile)

The router is connected to my PC. Cable modem connected to my router. I can access the internet with my PC.
Netgear XE104 connected to the router. I can plug the laptop in to any outlet and see my PC. I can surf the net on my laptop.
Netgear NAS connected to the network though an electrical outlet. The PC can see the NAS.

The problem lies with my wireless network.
It shows up on the PC as Home_wireless (I have changed the name). This network is visible on the laptop, SmartPhome, and PDA. All show signal strength as Fair to Excellent. But, none can access the net. I have read too many documents/web pages in the last 2 weeks and tried millions (OK, 'a lot') of variations. If it matters, although the laptop can see the wireless network, 'Network and Sharing Center' shows it as 'unidentified' and an 'X' between 'unidentified' and 'internet.' Laptop, PDA, Smartphone all accept the password wihout complaining. Finally, FWIW, the laptoo can find 3 networks although only 2 exist. The 3rd network shown is the old (I thought, deleted) network of several months ago.
What am I missing? I hva found many documents guiding me through network setup but very few on troubleshooting.

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