Re: networking

On Wed, 25 Jun 2008 04:28:01 -0700, Rob wrote:

I have 2 computers networked & when I shutdown a message comes up something
to the effect of "other people are logged on to your computer, logging off
will cause them to lose their information - do you still want to shut down" -
is this a common message with networked/lanned computers? It seems like an
odd message.


it is relatively normal, but only if the user of the other
computer or one of his running programs is indeed connected to
the computer. A typical example would be that Windows Explorer
is open on the other computer and has a shared folder on your
computer opened, i.e. is looking into the remote folder,
possibly seeing the files there.

If you are sure that the other computer is not in the process of
writing a file across the network and that no program will crash
because you're pulling its remote data rug from under its feet,
you can ignore the message.


p.s. Have a look at:
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