Re: user name accounts

well i have the netgear rnd2150 but its not the "NAS" end that i need help
with.. its the networking/account setting on my computer. i want to log into
the NAS on 1 computer. heres the scenario:

1 computer
NAS= 3 folders
folder 1 for bob only=user login name/password: bob/password1
folder 2 for all public users= name/password: all/public
folder 3 for george only= name/pass george/password2

so say i have 1 computer and only 1 user account (admin) on that computer,
how do i change/reconnect to the login name/pass for another users witout
restarting the computer?

"Jack (MVP-Networking)." wrote:

There are so many NAS' out there that it is very hard to guess which one you
are using, and how to set it.
Jack (MVP-Networking).

"nyclouie" <nyclouie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
i have 1 pc 1 user connected to a NAS. im trying to set it up for
users with different passwords. so far im setting up three users with
different access levels. i want to test out each access but once i log in
with the "connect to..." "username/password" i cant log out to sign in
with a
different user without restarting the computer. so my question is; is
there a
way i can reconnect to the NAS with a different username/password without
restarting? if so how?