Re: Vista crashing the entire network?

Our download/upload speeds are cited at 6Mbps/1Mbps. We're unsure of what
happens if just the XP machine is on, if its all of the vistas there are
problems (there are four of them) and over half the computers are wireless.
We're using Norton and Trend Micro for security (it varies from machine to
machine) and the computers are emachines, dells and one Toshiba laptop.
We've been trying to shout out what everyone has been doing when the internet
goes all day and there doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason to it - at
least once everyone was using excel, except one person was accessing the
network in some manner, and not even the internet.

We're all completely baffeled, and aren't able to pinpoint any one cause for
it. Thanks for all of your help.

"Joe M" wrote:

I recall a program that checked to see if the router supports the networking
map in Vista, that would be the only compatibility issue.
I am refering the the networking connection. 100mb lines or 1000mb this is
also know as 1G line.
What programs are running on the machines? What AV is running? Are you
running SP1?
Also what brand computers?
I am just trying to fnd a way to repro your issue, since I have never seen
this before.

1- What happens if only the Vista machines are on?
2- What happens if only the XP machine is on?
Have you tried updating the network drivers?
Is there any wireless on the router?

"UltimateFrisbee" <UltimateFrisbee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
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I believe that it was something line through the ms support site, and it
these diagnostic tests to see if your router is compatible with windows.
was definitely a MS thing. The machines are all on and we may not notice
right away, but once one person notices that the internet is not working
rest of us are able to confirm that that is the case and we have to
physically unplug the router and plug it back in. Usually we're using the
internet to check email, use adobe, excel etc, and it crashes on us.

100 or 1000mb what?

We've changed out all of the cables, skipped over everything that we can
possibly bypass and are still frustrated by our internet situation.

"Joe M" wrote:

Were did you find out that Vista told you the router would be fine? As
as I know Vista, don't inform the user if a router is compatible or not.

Are you running 100 or 1000MB? What are the machines doing at the time,
when the router crashes?
As I have said I have never seen this issue

"UltimateFrisbee" <UltimateFrisbee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
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We are currently using a Belkin, previously we were using a Linksys and
were having the exact same problems with both (ie this problem is not
specific, and in fact when I found this little router test that vista
told me that my router should be able to work just fine - so if Vista
telling me that its not an issue with my router...).

"Joe M" wrote:

What router are you using.
I have setup several Vista machines (from HP), with Linksys routers
have not had any trouble.

"UltimateFrisbee" <UltimateFrisbee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
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I have a local network with 4 Vista boxes and one XP box, and despite
our efforts the internet crashes frequently and the router needs to
The XP machine says that it is still connected during these times,
is no data transfer.

I am absolutely positive that this is an operating system-related
because not only have we swapped out all of the cables, but we've
purchased a new router, and switched from local internet service to
with absolutely no change in performance.

This would be fine if it were one computer but all of the computers
crash simultaneously and we end up needing to unplug and replug in
to get it to work. We've made a whole variety of changes in regards
router setup etc, but I'm very convinced that the situation lies at
computer level.

Thanks for any help!