Re: Failure to dectect network hardware/driver.

Have you check the hardware is compatible with Vista? Or the Vista Upgrade Advisor may help.
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"chriswc1989" <chriswc1989@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:2A6E21F0-DFBD-4B84-817D-5EF4155C4190@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Randomly, after a reboot, I'll have no connection to my network or the
internet and the network manager says that it cannot start my networking
hardware or the driver, rebooting until it is started fixes the non-starting
driver/or hardware. This started to happen with my onboard ethernet adapter,
so i went out and bought a Lynksys LNE100TX, and now it is experiencing the
same problem, so I'm assuming its a windows problem. After googling, I've
come up with nothing. So basically:

sometimes network hardware fails to start on boot, rebooting until problem
goes away seems to be only solution right now