Re: Might be a stupid question.

Mike wrote:
Alright so I have been able to easily network computers up until now. All that I wish to do is make it so that I can edit or open files on one computer, while they are saved on the other. When I click on Start, Network. All that shows is my router, and my computer that I am currently on. It does this with both computers that I am working with.
I would be ever so appreciative of anyone who would please give me a step-by-step walk through on how they have created their networks. Please try not to leave steps out, as this always confuses me, as I always try to follow steps as they are shown.
Thanks in advance.

First you need to make sure that "File and Printer" sharing is enable for the network........look at the **** LOADS **** of past messages in this newsgroup for further details on this topic.

If enabling "File and Printer" sharing doesn't rectify the situation.....look at the **** LOADS **** of past messages in this newsgroup for further details on this topic.

Or use Google Advance search, or log onto the Microsoft support website or.........god knows how many options are available these days for common information such as this.

Sorry......had to let a little steam off there.....gonna go and get myself another coffee now, have a smoke, and then blow my brains out! <grin>


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